Lifeguard Soap
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Long lasting germ protection
Lifeguard soap offers a strong health benefit to the family. With its three variant red, white and lemon, best perfume and unique packet design have carried the lifeguard message of giving best antibacterial health solution across the country.

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  • New health perfume and better skin feel along with the popular red color in hygiene soap
    Gives maximum protection against any kind of germs
  • 100% Halal &vegetable fat to restore skin oil that helps
  • Free of harmful chemical
  • Meet the requirement of the consumers of all ages & groups

Wet your skin and gently apply Keya Super Beauty soap. Wash it off and feel the soft smooth moisture on your body.

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100gm, 125gm, 25gm, 35gm, 50gm, 75gm


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