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Keya ICE MAGIC Body Cooler

৳ 60

Instant Cooling from Sizzling Heat Keya Ice Magic Body Cooler Powder’s special Sun- shield Formula prevents skin from UV rays and gives highest protection to skin from sun burn. It also contains Irgasan and Deodorant that keeps skin germ free and prevents odor during sweating while the Menthol gives calming cool effect even in a hot day of summer.

Keya Prickly Heat Powder

৳ 55

Relief from Prickly Heat Keya Prickly Heat Powder sets the duct flow freely and ensures the regular surge of sweat, to prevent prickle on skin. Its effective double action formula with IRGASAN and DEODORANT keeps skin germ free and odor free always.

Keya Talcum Powder

Keya Talcum Powder

৳ 50

Keya Talcum Powder with its beautiful 6 hours long-lasting fragrance gives you a revitalizing freshness and confidence. Its active formula protects your skin from extreme UV rays and makes your skin brighter, smoother, and younger-looking every day.

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