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Keya Active Toothpaste

৳ 25৳ 90

Total Protection Super active Formula Keya Active Toothpaste contains calcium fluoride and its Sodium monofluorophosphate prevent cavity and gum problems. Its splendid flavor makes breath freshen all day long. Triclosan enriched super active formula keeps mouth germ free and lead to have strong teeth. In use of active toothpaste two times everyday will make teeth white and clean.

Keya Green Facial Tissue

৳ 60 ৳ 55

Care with comfort Green donates to energy, freshness, health and youthfulness. Keya Green Tissue gives you freshness, hygiene and soft feelings. Super Absorbent formula never makes your skin wet. Designed for your soft skin at every day’s use.

Keya Natural Care Shampoo

৳ 1৳ 70

Deeply Conditioning Natural Care shampoo for rough and dry hair Keya Natural Care shampoo with conditioner replenishes, nourishes and conditions rough and dry hair. Regular use of Keya Natural Care Shampoo deeply conditions your hair, gently eases out the dryness, smoothen the tangles, restores softness and thickness and gives a lustrous shine to the hair.

Keya Super Beauty Soap (Green)

৳ 6৳ 38

Karon Tumi Special The pure green beauty soap is infused with fine extract of patchouli flower and natural perfume. The soap also contains rich combination of vitamin E and cocoa butter which helps to keep the skin deeply hydrated. This soap energizes the body and makes the dull skin sparkling and refreshed. Apparently cools inflamed conditions and heals rough, dry and cracked skin.

Keya Super Beauty Soap (Pink)

৳ 6৳ 38

Karon Tumi Special Delicate pink beauty soap is infused with fruity perfume. The soap contains strawberry extract which is very soothing for rough, dry and sensitive skin and also contains a rich amount of Vitamin E and Cocoa butter moisturizer that will give your skin an ultimate softness. Unlike regular bathing soap, this does not dry out the skin or make it stretchy after shower.

Keya Super Beauty Soap(White)

৳ 6৳ 38

Karon Tumi Special The luxurious feminine beauty soap is infused with rich creamy perfume. The soap contains jasmine extract which helps to keep your uneven skin toned though beneficial for all types of skin and the rich cocoa butter and Vitamin E helps to keep your skin soft and nourished. The soap lathers well and washes away easily.

Keya Super Lemon Soap

৳ 6৳ 38

Tumi shahoshi, tumi shundor, tumi special Re-energize your skin all day long with the freshness of lemon. Lemon helps to brighten your dull dry dead skin. This soap also contains a rich ultra caring vitamin E and cocoa butter moisturizing properties to heal your pale dry skin that produces a refreshing feel after every shower.

Lifeguard Active Care

৳ 55৳ 65

Advance antibacterial formula Lifeguard Active care handwash is made up with advance antibacterial formula that makes your hands free from 99.9% germs and bacteria. It has vitamin E that makes your hand soft and fresh.

Lifeguard Fresh and care

৳ 50৳ 60

Long lasting germ protection Lifeguard antibacterial handwash is enriched with pleasant lemon scent to remove dirt, malodor and keeps your hand 99.9% protected from germs & refreshed. It has vitamin E for soft feelings.

Lifeguard Soap

৳ 30 ৳ 27

Long lasting germ protection Lifeguard soap offers a strong health benefit to the family. With its three variant red, white and lemon, best perfume and unique packet design have carried the lifeguard message of giving best antibacterial health solution across the country.

Pure Advanced Hand Sanitizer

৳ 80৳ 140

Kills Strong Virus Pure Advanced Hand Sanitizer which is made up with Advanced Liquid gel instantly kills 99.9% of germs that cause illness. It's Antimicrobial Formula prevents regrowth of virus and germs.