Range of Our Personal Care Products

Keya Super Lemon Soap

Re-energize your skin all day long with the freshness of lemon. Lemon helps to brighten your dull skin. This soap also contains ultra caring Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter moisturizing properties to heal your pale dry skin that produces a refreshing feel after every shower.


Keya Super Beauty Soap

Keya Super Beauty Soap contains rich combination of Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter which helps to keep the skin deeply hydrated. This soap energizes the body and makes the dull skin sparkling and refreshed. Apparently cools inflamed conditions and heals rough, dry and cracked skin.


Lifeguard Soap

Lifeguard soap offers a strong health benefit to the family. With its three variants Red, White and Lemon, best perfume and unique packet design have carried the Lifeguard message of giving best antibacterial health solution across the country.


Active Toothpaste

Active Toothpaste contains Calcium, Fluoride and its Sodium Mono Fluorophosphate prevents cavity and gum problems. Its splendid flavor makes breath freshen all day long. Triclosan enriched super active formula keeps mouth germ free and lead to have strong teeth. In use of Active Toothpaste two times every day will make teeth white and clean.

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