About Keya

About Keya

Incorporated in the year 1996, Keya Cosmetics Ltd is one of the leading cosmetics manufacturing company in Bangladesh, and a popular brand name for superior quality products available at affordable prices.

With an objective to never compromise with quality, Keya Cosmetics Ltd. has established state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest European machineries, and also ensures that each stage of production undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance.


  • To provide the best quality products using the finest ingredients.
  • To understand and meet the requirements of the consumers.
  • To implement innovative and cutting-edge technologies.
  • To maintain world-class standards in our products.


  • Adapting modern techniques and resources.
  • Providing training/seminars, secure work environment, and growth opportunities to employees.
  • Ensuring cost control and efficient usage of resources.


  • Keya Cosmetics Ltd. aspires to become the leading cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing company in Bangladesh, boasting a diverse product portfolio and instilling long-term brand loyalty towards its products among the people both at home and abroad.

Governing Body


Abdul Khaleque Pathan

Managing Director

Khaleda Pervin Polly


Masum Pathan


Tanshin Keya


Faizuddin Ahmed

Why I say old chap that is spiffing lavatory chip shop gosh off his nut.!

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Phone: +948 256 347 9680