Keya Detergent Powder

Keya White Plus Detergent Powder is enriched with multi boosted enzymes which remove toughest stains and dirt, say dirt from Blood, Milk and Coffee without hampering the fiber of the cloths and keeps your clothes cleaner, whiter & brighter.

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At a Glance

Incorporated in the year 1996, Keya Cosmetics Ltd is one of the leading cosmetics manufacturing companies in Bangladesh, and a popular brand name for superior quality products available at affordable prices.

With an objective to never compromise with quality, Keya Cosmetics Ltd. has established state of the art facilities, equipped with the latest European machinery, and also ensures that each stage of production undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance.

Have A Look Our Top Products

Super Beauty Soap
Lemon Detergent
Green Tissue

Keya Super Beauty Soap contains rich combination of Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter which helps to keep the skin deeply hydrated. This soap energizes the body and makes the dull skin sparkling and refreshed. Apparently cools inflamed conditions and heals rough, dry and cracked skin.

Keya Lemon Detergent Powder enriched with advanced formula and ultra-power which keeps your clothes cleaner and brighter. Its lemon fragrance freshens your clothes and spread nice aroma for long time. It dissolves quickly with water and actively cleans with color care.

Green donates to energy, freshness, health and youthfulness. Keya Green Tissue gives you freshness, hygiene and soft feelings. It’s super absorbent formula never makes your skin wet. So, it cares for your soft skin at everyday use.

The Brand


The history of the Keya Group of Industries dates back to 1983 when its predecessor Khaleque & Co was born.The group's humble debut occurred with the inception of Keya beauty soap.


Keya Cosmetics stands for the provision of essential, appropriate and timely humanitarian assistance to those affected by a disaster, based on an initial rapidassessment of needs.


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We Export our Products Around the World.

  • Europe
  • Middle East Region
  • Africa Region
  • United State

We Export our Product Around the World.

Keya Export products in Different Region on Global market.

  • Bangladesh
  • Europe
  • Middle East Region
  • Africa Region
  • United State

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